How To Pack When Moving House

When it comes to moving house, there can be a considerable amount of stress involved, especially with the sheer number of tasks at hand. One task that a lot of people tend to dread is packing. When it comes to packing, it’s always a good idea to plan everything out before starting, that way you’ll be able to prioritise particular rooms and ensure that all items are packed appropriately. 

Plan It Out

As previously mentioned, you should focus on the rooms that are rarely used as a priority. If you have a spare bedroom, this would be the ideal place to start, as you can get it packed up early on, not worrying about packing things you might need in the lead up to the big day. Creating a strategic plan early on means you can follow a set plan throughout the process. Consider if there are any seasonal items you can pack away that aren’t going to be needed anytime soon, such as gardening tools or Christmas decor.


Although moving can be an exciting time, the fear of breaking items can be very stressful. So, ensure you have ample packing materials such as bubble wrap and tape, to wrap everything safely and securely. Don’t overfill boxes as although there might be space, a heavy box could be dropped much easier and risk breakages.

The Essentials Box

As odd as it might sound but pack a box or 2 boxes with key essentials you might need as soon as you get to your new home. We’d suggest including everything you’d need for a cup of tea or coffee, a first aid kit, some utensils, plates along with anything you might need quick and easy access to.

You should also consider packing an overnight bag with plenty of toiletries and toilet roll, for every member of the family so you have everything you’ll need the first night, even if you don’t completely unpack. 


As with everything, when you pack your furniture, dismantle and pack up any furniture you won’t need or use in the lead up to the move. Any screws, bolts and Allen keys can be put into a clear food bag and the labelled so you know what belongs with what. If there are any items which have quite a lot of pieces, make a note of how many pieces there are, you could also take a photo to make it easier.


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